London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson. God invented the Earth. Loew, P. He created animals, plants as well as people with no predecessors. O. (2003).

These are not things God does not continue to create to this day. Danzig und seine Vergangenheit 1793-1997: Die Geschichtskultur einer Stadt zwischen Deutschland und Polen. They don’t happen repeatedly over time and therefore are supernatural. Einzelveroffentlichungen des Deutschen Historischen Instituts Warschau 9 [Danzig and Its Past 1793-1997: The Historical Culture of a City between Germany and Poland. Genesis 2:2 demonstrates that God is not performing the acts of creation in the present like He did in the time of creation. Publishing by the German Historical Institute Warsaw 9[Danzig and Its Past, 1793-1997] . In this verse, it is stated that by 7th day God concluded the creation (of creating).

Osnabruck: Fibre. Because God does not perform this moment what He did in the week of creation it is certain that the entire creation period was a time of divine manifestations that demonstrated God’s authority. Lowenthal, D. (1998).

The universe’s creation and the celestial lights, the Earth as well as life on Earth consequently cannot be properly explained by the naturalistic model. The Heritage Crusade and the Spoils of History . The naturalistic theory for the creation of the universe is not true because it is based on the assumption that the universe was formed the same way as it is observed today. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. The beginning of the universe was not a violentand nature-based "bang." This was a sequence of things that was supernaturally created after the Lord declared them to be. Lowenthal, D. (2015). The Future. The Past is a Foreign Land–Revisited . The traditional model is not just a tale of the past but also a story of the future.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. There were initially three models of the universe’s future allowed within the Big Bang Model. Lowith, K. (1949).

Recent observations have basically eliminated all but the second place. Meaning in History: The Theological Relevance from the Philosophical Basis of History . Based on the most popular model that it is likely that the universe would grow in perpetuity. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. It is expected that energy continues to change from usable form to unusable state. Macdonald, S. (Ed.). (2000).

After some time, all energy usable will disappear. Perspectives on European Historical Consciousness: Provocations and Reflections . The "heat dying" stars will cease to exist, and living isn’t likely to be. Marburg: Korber Stiftung. The universe will become only radiation of low energy or black black holes.

Macintyre, S., & Clark, A. (2004). It’s a pretty grim outlook, and does not agree with the vision of the future within the Bible. The History Wars . The Bible states it is a future judgement and a restoration.

The History Wars. The new heavens and Earth will continue for eternity and those who accepted Christ as their Lord will remain forever with Him. Melbourn, Melbourne University Publishing. The thing that is puzzling is that some Christians are against their biblical understanding of the origins of God to favor the Big Bang, but they embrace the biblical perspective of the future but opposing the Big Bang’s future. Magelssen, S., & Justice-Malloy, R. (2011). This is completely contradictory. Rewriting the past . If we don’t believe that God has the right details in Genesis Then why should we trust that He did not miss the key details regarding the future?

Many people may argue that the judgment of the future and restoration are supernatural acts by God and therefore an unnaturalistic model isn’t enough to define or assess these events. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press. However it is the case that the Bible declares how the creation process of the earth, heavens and all that lies within them was an improbable sequence of events. Mandelbaum, M. (1977).

Thus, a naturalistic model would be inadequate to explain these things. A. A Beginning. The Anatomy of Historical Knowledge . It is interesting that some Christians have said that the Big Bang is biblical due to the fact that it affirms that the universe has an beginning, much like it is stated in the Bible does. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. Of of course it is true that the Lord of the Rings trilogy also has the beginning.

Nora, P. (1989). So, should we be able to conclude in the fact that Lord of the Rings is an accurate representation of origins and in line in relation to the Bible? The fact is that even an agreement on one aspect is not enough to erase the many distinctions between biblical origins as well as the big bang myth.

Between Memory and History: Les Lieux de Memoire. The large bang as well as the Bible offer two completely different theories of the origins of the universe. accepting one of them demands refusal of the other. Representations, 26 , 7-24. The development of secular ideas on the origins of the universe may shed illumination on this subject.

Nora, P. (Ed.). (1996). The mid-century of the 20th century there were two major secular theories about the origin of the universe that included the big bang as well as the steady state theory. Realms of Memory: The Building of the French Past , Vols. Both believed in the expansion of the universe. I-III . The big bang theory assumed that the expansion began at the point of a billion years ago.

New York: Columbia University Press. The steady state believed that the universe was forever with infinite size and was always expanding. Pandel, H.-J. (1987).

Because expansion naturally leads to a reduction in density The steady state theory suggested that new matter continually forms out of nothingness in the void in order to keep the average density of the universe at the same level. Geschichtskultur als Aufgabe der Geschichtsdidaktik: Viel zu wissen ist zu wenig [Historical Culture as a Task of History Didactics: Knowing Much Is Too Little]. Both models were completely consistent with the observed data, up to 1964. In H.-J. The big bang began in the form of all the energies online that exists in the universe being concentrated in a single point of no size, when universe starts expanding it will be unimaginably high.

Pandel & V. This is due to a very high temperature, which could create electromagnetic radiation (light with a very high frequency). Oswalt (Eds. ), Geschichtskultur. The universe continues to expand, the light would diminish in frequency, as its wavelengths expand with the expansion of space. Die Anwesenheit von Vergangenheit in der Gegenwart [ Historical Culture. It was in 1964 that Arno Penzias, along with Robert Wilson discovered that microwaves with low energy were moving across the universe from seemingly all directions, the cosmic microwave background (CMB). The existence of the past in the Present ] (pp.

19-33). Numerous astronomers instantly assumed these microwaves are the stretched-out leftover radiation that was produced by the big explosion.